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C-17 Loadmaster

C-17 Loadmaster

This tutorial series guides you through the scripts, code, and project organization of the C-17 Loadmaster application. The application is an example of a serious game using Unity. Download the project files and use these videos as a guide toward understanding how the project was built. Features include: custom classes, dragging an object using physics, object spawning, dynamic menu systems and C# programming.

This chapter gives an overview of the class that contains the GUI menu element and links that element up to a 3D counterpart.

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  • Runtime 04 min 36 sec
  • Software Unity
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This chapter is an overview of the code behind dragging from a GUI Element into 3D space and Instantiating a model.

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  • Runtime 05 min 22 sec
  • Software Unity

This chapter is an overview of the code behind dragging a 3D object around a level using a Spring Joint and Unity’s physics system.

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  • Runtime 08 min 10 sec
  • Software Unity

This chapter is an overview of the limitations placed on where an object can be dropped and how its movement is constrained while dragging.

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  • Runtime 04 min 26 sec
  • Software Unity

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