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03 Feb 2012

Advice for Aspiring Game Developers

Over the course of the last year, we here at design3 have been very busy rounding up some of the most influential videogame developers and getting their perspectives on making games. Before we dive headfirst into the next year of content, we'd like to take you back through the advice these devs have for you as you begin making your own games. Enjoy!

Shown in this video:

Will Wright - Stupid Fun Club

Ricky Haggett - Hohokum

Richard Hogg - Hohokum

Jesse Schell - Schell Games

Niv Fischer - SpikySnail Games

Robin Hunicke - thatgamecompany

Ian Dicarlo - Tellus

David Payne - Tellus

Alex Schwartz - Owlchemy Labs Inc.

David Helgason - Unity Technologies

John Peters - Team Krinoid

Peter Hunter - Team Krinoid

Matt Rix - Magicule

Alex Neuse - Gaijin Games

Rod Humble - Linden Lab

Michael Allar - Emotional Robots Inc.

Zach Lehman - Emotional Robots Inc.

Markus Persson - Mojang

Kyle Reden - Warden of Raal

Andrew Maul - Trade Secret

Kyle Brannon - Trade Secret

Joe Robins - Unity Technologies

Dave Traeger - DesuraNET

Scott Reismanis - DesuraNET

Chris Hazard - Hazardous Software

Nateon Ajello - Mixamo

Ryan Arndt - IGDA

Charlie Clevland - Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Caitlyn Meeks - Unity Technologies

Dan Adams - Unity Technologies

Mathieu Mazerolle - Autodesk

Marc Mencher - Game Recruiter

Thomas Grip - Frictional Games

Mark Essen - Nidhogg

Alex Quicke - Depth

Brian Provinciano - Retro City Rampage

Mircea Marghidanu - Unity Techologies

Chris Migleo - Unity Technologies

Edmund McMillen - Team Meat


Thanks a bunch to all the devs!

Content Information

  • Content: Promotional
  • Subject: Development
  • Runtime: 10 - 20 min


  • Vo

    Nice work!
    But your video player sucks.
    Many of noobs are saying about HTML5 because are seeing Flash works like this video player.
    This can be fixed! I'm ready to help ;)

    Vo Sunday, 26 February 2012 07:56 Comment Link
  • Ascovel

    Best advice:
    "Do, or do not! There is not try."

    Ascovel Friday, 17 February 2012 06:27 Comment Link
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    twilio appilcation Friday, 10 February 2012 07:24 Comment Link
  • Wolfos

    "Quit whining, just go and do it"
    best advice ever ;)

    Wolfos Thursday, 09 February 2012 12:15 Comment Link
  • Ben Mears

    Thanks for the feedback Nic, let me clear it up for ya. Every cut shows a medium to close shot of a person talking, hopefully you'll be able to pay attention to the content now :)

    Ben Mears Wednesday, 08 February 2012 21:35 Comment Link
  • Patrick Flannery

    Agreed - these were shot under a variety of conditions by a variety of that the interviews are getting more attention, they're getting much more love as well. Thanks for the feedback, I'm personally working hard to make these suckers look nice. - d3 video editor

    Patrick Flannery Wednesday, 08 February 2012 21:13 Comment Link
  • Nic

    Whoever shot this needs to go back to film school and learn about cinematography. Frame your shots.. I can't even pay attention to the content because I don't know what I'm looking at!

    Nic Wednesday, 08 February 2012 19:39 Comment Link
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