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29 Mar 2012

GDC 2012 - Interview with Benson Russell

Remember the D-Day beach landing level from MoH: Allied Assault? Remember the whole Uncharted Series? Meet the game designer responsible for some of the most popular games ever, as well as just a great guy, Benson Russell. Get the inside scoop on how Naughty Dog makes such amazing games, how Benson got his start in the industry, and just how much of a challenge some of those crazy action sequences in Uncharted 3 were to implement.


Naughty Dog -

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  • Content: Video Interview
  • Subject: Development
  • Runtime: 20 - 30 min

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  • stentryk

    I do not agree with you at around 17:10. Not at all. Playing through certain parts is cool, but we want EPIC cutscenes just like in Uncharted 2! loved the "Here Goes Nothing" cinematic in Uncharted 2. It was like a movie in every way! It was awesome! It also came after some epic gameplay! Nate fighting the enemies, fleeing from a helicopter that has gone nuts, fighting Draza. It fitted the experience really well that the last bit was a cinematic.
    I really wanted to have some more of that in Uncharted 3. Why couldn't the part where Nate jumps on the plane be a cinematic? Or if that was too similar to Uncharted 2, why not the part where he falls out? Or maybe the cruise ship?

    stentryk Friday, 30 March 2012 10:10 Comment Link
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