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We want to help you do what you do best.

"Flip your classroom" by exchanging dry in-class lectures with engaging video-based learning at home and interactive exercises, research and group projects in the classroom. Integrating design3 resources in your curriculum means spending less time showing what buttons to press and more time teaching students how to apply and maximize new technologies.

  • Complete access for your entire department for as little as $1000*/year!
  • Free 30-day trial access to design3’s HD, streaming e-learning resources
  • An over the phone tour of the design3 website and resources
  • Course outlines, program development and curriculum integration
  • Free Annual design3 Memberships ($179.95 value) with Unity Pro, Android Pro and iOS Pro license purchases
  • 25% off design3 subscriptions for students and free access for instructors
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We want to give you a leg up in the industry.

Master your skill-sets and prepare for a career in the game development industry. Get smarter with thousands of streaming video tutorials, exclusive high profile industry interviews, footage from world renowned game dev events, and conference presentations. Learn 24/7 from the convenience of your home, office or college campus. Form groups, collaborate and get questions answered in design3’s game dev community. Learn Unity, UDK, Source, GameSalad, Allegorithmic, Mixamo, Adobe, Autodesk, Logic Pro, WordPress and more.

  • 7-day Free Trial with access to all of design3’s resources
  • 25% discount on your design3 membership
  • One, four and twelve month memberships available
  • Free Annual design3 Memberships ($179.95 value) with Unity Pro, Android Pro and iOS Pro license purchases
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Academic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1What is the student discount?
We offer all students a 25% Off discount. Submit a “Contact Us” form or give us a call to receive more information and access your discount.

2Is this something the school purchases or the students?
We can arrange it either way. We can workout an order with your school to have these distributed to students or available in the bookstore, or we can set you up with banners or links that will allow your students to access to purchasing at student discount rates. Students can also access discounts by submitting the “Contact Us” form on this page.

3How can design3 help my existing program?
We can provide varying levels of support from integrating expert tutorials, lectures, and interviews into your courses to developing new courses to being a supplemental 24/7 resource for students. With thousands of award-winning e-learning videos design3 will bolster your program and prepare your students for success in countless career paths.

4Can design3 help me construct a new course?
Absolutely! We’ll work closely with you and your department to identify objectives, prepare lesson plans, establish a course outline and provide on-call support.

5I’m thinking about updating my courses, but I’m not sure?
We know change can be tough. You might be thinking "Maybe I can just keep my current lesson plan and switch next year..." Don't procrastinate or let inertia keep you standing in place. Now is the best time to get new technologies in your student's hands and prepare them for the future. design3 will help you get up to speed quickly and focus on what you do best.

6Can I buy Unity licenses from design3 at a discount?
Discounted pricing on Unity products is available to qualifying educational institutions purchasing Unity licenses for their classrooms and labs. Please submit a “Contact Us” form or give us a call at 831.295.8062 for further information.

Academic Testimonials

I learned so much from design3/Unity 3D training videos. It enabled me to successfully run my Game art class. It is the most resourceful training site I have experienced. Many Thanks!Chun Lu, DigiPen Institute of Technology
Design 3 has been really helpful with teaching UDK this semester and I have found that the students are watching all of the videos and it is helping them tremendously with learning the skills needed. I am looking forward to using Design3 for our SGD 165 Character Development class in this coming spring as well. I have already looked at the 3ds Max videos and they will suit our class nicely.Brandon Crews, Wake Tech CC
Beyond the quality of the Design3 courseware titles, I was very impressed by the ease of implementing the material in my course. I was able to simply print simple instructions on my syllabus under the Required Software Training section and include a link to the the program. I have worked with many other software training and textbook publishers and your system most closely functions like a traditional textbook requirement.Professor John Craig Freeman, Emerson College
From an educator's standpoint, the Unity-Design3 educational software is the most significant development in video gaming instruction. This tool is so powerful, I am convinced that any student motivated enough can take this easy to use tool and design and build professional level video games...I have tried all of the major tools available and can honestly say "THIS IS IT!" Professor Daniel Rease, St. Petersburg College

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Scott Shaw, Wilmington University
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Tom Dowd, Columbia College Chicago
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